22 April 2016

Father Lazarus, Modern Day Desert Father

Probably folks reading here have already seen this video, but I wanted to post it here because so much of what Fr Lazarus says about his vocation resonates with my own experience despite the vast difference in our two physical deserts. This version of Lazarus' story is actually a whole series on a Monk's Life by the Coptic Youth Channel. It can be listened to in several sessions. Be sure and enlarge the screen to full size.

I hope Lazarus' sometimes profoundly isolated journey of seeking and his solitary journey of finding is profoundly intriguing, edifying, and a source of hope and even joy to all who watch. He is a wonderfully thoughtful, humble, and contemplative hermit who introduces us to the solitary world of eremitical prayer. As I am sure he would say, "Come and see."