17 June 2018

Update: Healing Continues

Many thanks to all who have kept me in prayer. Just to update things, I went to the doctor's last Tuesday to get new xrays and meet with the PA to plan the next stage of treatment. Doc was out of town but the PA, who is quite fine, has been part of things right along and we joked as I showed off my newfound knowledge of the anatomy of the wrist on the newest fluoroscopy! The xrays were good. The bones are healing well and the styloid process of the ulna, though still largely displaced, is attached to the distal head of the ulna by a very thin piece of bone now; I am told the remaining space between the process and the rest of the ulna will just "fill in" with bone. I find that incredible. What causes it to do that? How does it "know" to do it? I have to believe what one Sister reminded me of, namely, our bodies have an intelligence and wisdom about them we don't often appreciate.

So, the bones in my wrist are not in quite the same position as before their fracture but the spaces between bones look good and the prognosis is very good. I will begin hand therapy as soon as I can get in to a PT specializing in that --- and as soon as I can arrange transportation. Meanwhile, I am doing some beginning range of motion exercises available on You Tube (the internet is an incredible source of information and videos!). I may also pull out my violin and keep it available to do some gentle exercises to increase strength and ROM whenever I am allowed to do that. In order to protect my wrist from unexpected movements or impact I'll also be keeping the long splint on at least another three weeks whenever I am not showering, exercising my hand, etc. (The picture above is of the short splint I will then use.) No bike riding for a while yet though. : :sigh::

I will ask folks for continued prayers. You might focus on prayers for increased patience and perseverance as I begin hand therapy and need to do the exercises regularly every couple of hours or so here at home as well! Of course general prayers for complete healing are most welcome! Thanks.