23 October 2015

Halleluia Chorus: Foodcourt Flashmob

I suppose I "should" save this for Christmas but I happened to see it tonight and was moved to tears. I loved that the choir is all ages and I especially loved the rapt expression on so many of the children's faces as well as the joy on the faces of most of the adults. I remembered my first experience of orchestra (6th or 7th grade) --- the most profound experience of community I had known to that point. I think the choristers know that sense when they make music together; they show it in their attentiveness to one another and their own wonder and joy at what is being wrought here with and for others --- all beyond any individual's capacities. I was also struck by how hungry we are for this kind of freedom of expression, this ability to powerfully draw others into the world of our own witness; imagine trying to proclaim the Sovereignty of Christ otherwise in a food court.

Yes, it's wonderful music and there is no doubt this  music moves us with the power of the Transcendent, but here the lyrics are key for this IS proclamation. Given today's first reading, Handel's celebration of "the Kingdom of God and of his Christ" is precisely what Paul was proclaiming as the solution to the human predicament we call sin and it echoes the power of Paul's own text! "Who will save me from this body of death? Thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord!