23 May 2019

Congratulations, Sister Grace Ford, Er. Dio.!!!

I received the following "Thank you" note this afternoon from Sister Grace Ford, Er Dio, who was just professed (temporary vows) as a diocesan hermit for the Diocese of St Augustine. What  a terrific surprise!! Sister Grace is (or has been) a teacher, a professor of psychology, and a  psychother-apist specializing in child psychology, trauma, depression, and family systems; she has chosen to live eremitical life and will now do so as a consecrated hermit of the Diocese of St Augustine. As I told Sister Grace, I am profoundly gratified to hear this blog was helpful to her and believe sharing this small portion of her story will be helpful to others discerning or considering discerning this vocation with their dioceses. How good God is!!!

Dear Sr. Laurel,  I’d like to thank you for your openness on your blog.  I have been in discernment these past 15 years and yesterday I made my first vows as a Diocesan Hermit in the Diocese of Saint Augustine Florida.  I have been quietly learning from your experience for some time and wanted to reach out and thank you for your willingness to be vulnerable and share your wisdom on our little understood vocation.  With the blessing of my Spiritual Director and Bishop, I made vows yesterday after spending six years with the Sisters of Saint Joseph.  I am grateful for the opportunity to live more fully into the eremitic life now that I am publicly professed.  You have been an instrument of peace in my life as I have journeyed on this path.  I really just wanted to thank you! Please be assured of my prayers for you.

In the Silence of Solitude,
Sister Grace Ford, Er. Dio