19 July 2019

Prayers Requested

I write a lot here about the distinction between public profession and private commitments/vows because of my desire that folks not be mislead by erroneous notions of what is involved in becoming a consecrated hermit. Sometimes I have specifically referred to a hermit with private vows in this regard. All that aside for the moment I wanted to request prayers from readers here for Joyful Hermit who will be undergoing a fairly serious and complicated surgery to deal with some spinal problems. I don't know the date (or any other details really) but given what she recently posted I would say it is to occur within the next week or so. Would you please join me in praying for Joyful, her surgeon and surgical team, her family and others who are concerned for and minister to her; I ask for your prayers, not only for the success of the surgery, but to sustain her during the long recuperation the surgery will apparently entail. May our God of mercy especially hold Joyful in His love and strengthen her with his Spirit of Life, Comfort, and Consolation.