04 November 2012

Prayer for the Election

We pray for our nation this week,
That we move beyond our fears and concerns
To discern what will serve the common good
for all members of our society.
We pray that we may respond to the call of solidarity
Rather than the call of separate interests.
May we be more concerned with successful community
Than with individual success.
We pray that we consider ways
Through difficult economic problems
That are compassionate and just
For all who struggle for their daily bread.
We pray that we dwell deeply on the call
To serve those in poverty
And recognize that all humans
Have the right to life with dignity
And with the basic services to promote human flourishing.
We pray that we take seriously
The call to be peacemakers,
Despite the complexities
In our local, national, and global conflicts.
We pray that we honor
Our responsibilities as citizens
Without resorting to the polarization
That limits our listening.
Guide us in the coming weeks in our process of discernment So we serve you Through our choices and
Our concern for the common good.

by Jane Deren educationforjustice.org

This prayer was taken from my parish bulletin. I am proud to share it here. It does not transgress the USCCB guidelines of Faithful Citizenship, nor does it increase the polarization in our church and world. It is a model of what Catholic engagement in the political process should look like and the principles it should be guided by.