25 December 2016

A Contemplative Moment: Here it Begins

Here it begins in the dark before dawning.
Here, in a barn full of animal smells
The warm breath of cattle, the sounds of the morning.
Here without tinsel or tolling bells.

This is the Word Who was there at the making?
This is the pure and unbearable light?
Tiny and wrinkle-faced, squalling and shaking
Small fists at the vast implacable night?

Who can believe this impossible fable?
But He whose Love proves stronger than all our sins.
A light in the darkness, a child in the stable
Stronger than death itself, here it begins.
 For all those who read here -- whether regularly or occasionally, for those who have written with questions or comments, for all of those who help me to reflect here at Stillsong on the eremitical vocation and the Good News of a God whose eternal love makes its home in the everyday moments and moods of our lives, my sincerest thanks and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas! May you and your families have a joyful day and season!
Sister Laurel, Er Dio
Stillsong Hermitage
Diocese of Oakland