28 May 2018

Update and Request for Prayers

Just a brief update on the way things are going for me. The picture (a comment on my newfound "holy leisure"?) is from my director who has been wonderful in her support and assistance! My wrist is healing.  Fluoroscopy on the 8th and 22nd has continued to show no movement of the bones at the  fracture lines. I had an over-the-elbow cast in order to prevent pronation and supination and last Tuesday that was removed and eventually replaced with a wrist and forearm length brace/splint which limits rotation and cuts down on pain more than a shorter splint/brace. (Removing the cast presented some unique challenges with the audiogenic dimension of my seizure disorder so my doc opted not to put a short cast on that would also need to eventually be cut off.)

The past weeks have been challenging. Because I do most things left-handed I am fortunate to be able to write with my right hand, but it is amazing how many things MUST be done two-handed and suffer when one cannot rotate (pronate, supinate) one's wrist or arm, much less put weight or pressure on it! One of the things I have actually most missed is the ability to sit seiza as I usually do for prayer. That hasn't stopped prayer of course but there is no doubt that sitting seiza is more helpful to me. Maybe in another few weeks I can return to that. Meanwhile, the original cast was fiberglass with a Goretex liner so it was completely waterproof; that meant showering, washing dishes, etc., was possible without concern. That was a real gift --- though the injury itself was (and is) still quite limiting. The splint is not as adaptable in this way but it has its own advantages. I will wear it for three weeks and then we'll see how things are on June 12th.

So thanks for your concern. I would ask that you continue to hold me in prayer over the next weeks.  It is important that the two radial fractures heal well so the ligament and joint between the radius and ulna is stable. The displaced fracture of the ulnar styloid process is healing without use of plate and pins. We went with the more conservative approach and avoided surgery especially for the two fractures in the head of the radius because my orthopedist/surgeon thought the long term prognosis was similar in both approaches. If this conservative approach is not as helpful as we hoped I suppose surgery might still be necessary in order to stabilize the joint; that is not a conversation I have had since the original discussion with my doc so it is an unknown. Still, let me emphasize that it is looking like things are proceeding well via the conservative approach so, again, thanks for continuing to hold me in prayer!

Meanwhile, I am trying to do a bit more than just "diddly squat(s)".  My hermitage is a bit of a mess, I have a large pile of laundry and a load of dishes needing washing, the pantry needs refilling, the state of my bathroom is best left unmentioned, I have been relatively incapable of making my bed neatly  (it is still a crumpled mess), and I am struggling to write/type (thank God for the word prompts associated with cell phone texting!!) but there is light at the end of those tunnels too. The fact that I have been able to put up posts today and yesterday is very encouraging and we'll what else I can manage better this week than the last. One step at a time!