29 May 2018

Whatsoever you do (or do not do!) to the least of these. . .

I am not ordinarily political on this blog but sometimes things happen that are just so outrageous, they break boundaries including political boundaries. This story showed up on my Facebook page and came with permission and maybe a plea to share it.  It is impossible to describe the incalculable harm being done to families and children by folks who claim to be Christian and "pro-life". But Jesus has a special love for the poor, marginalized, and children. Remember his response when the disciples prevented these anawim from coming to him! All I can think in light of this latest US policy (yes, it is being done in our name) is, "Whatever you do to the least of these you do unto me. . . Whatever you did/do not do for the least of these you did/do not do for me." Please do what you can to respond to this truly inhuman situation.

 Written by Hannah Werling:

"After I boarded my plane on my way to New York on Saturday I saw this first hand....
A woman with 6 children ages ranging from 4-17 walked up to my row and asked if I would help this young girl get buckled since her seat was next to mine. I asked no questions in that moment and said yes. The woman told me she did not speak English. The little girl sat down, I got her buckled, the woman handed her a ziplock bag of snacks and took her seat 3 rows up from us.  She was so tiny in her seat. Her shoelace-less shoes could not even touch the seat in front her her and her cheeks were crusty with tears. She wasn’t yet 5 years old. THIS IS HAPPENING IN OUR COUNTRY!!!

I turned off my Netflix movie and turned on Ferdinand a kids cartoon and handed her my phone to watch. It was so painful. I dug deep in my brain for all that Spanish in High School and tried my best to use gestures so she wasn’t frightened of me.  Once the seatbelt sign was turned off in the air the woman came back to check on her and the other children scattered on the plane.  I asked: “Where are her parents?” She replied “They are being detained at the border”  “Why is she going to NY, then?” “She was taken as a deterrent so people don’t try to cross the boarder. If they cross, they will lose their children. She’s going to a shelter in NY”  “Will her parents get her back?”  “I don’t know.”  “Will she be adopted then?”  “I don’t know.”
This women is an advocate for these INNOCENT children as they try to figure out what happens if their parents get caught at the border. She takes them to shelters and flies back and forth doing this.  My heart just aches for these families! She is a baby and didn’t know what was going on! She doesn’t know the woman who is taking her. She may never see her Mom and Dad again AND WE ARE DOING THIS!
 I didn’t ever want the flight to land. On the plane she became comfortable with me and giggled and spoke in Spanish to me about the movies. She felt safe. Landing was just another new chapter for her that was scary and unknown. PLEASE CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN AND SENATORS ABOUT THIS! It is heart wrenching and it is happening people!!!!! We are no longer the home for the free. Get used to this post because I am NOT going to let this go"