06 September 2008

Christ the Light Cathedral Prepares for Dedication

This morning I attended a rehearsal for the first celebration next Sunday culminating a week and a half later in the dedication of our Diocese's new cathedral (Christ the Light). The interior was not finished so I took few pictures this time, but one of them is very cool and is part of the "back wall" (the Omega Wall) behind the altar. It is made up of a myriad of pin holes which then project the light allowed through onto panels. The result is the above image of Jesus as Pantocrator (called Jesus in Majesty in this context).

Next Sunday there will be a festival including a procession from the old Cathedral site (demolished because it was irreparably damaged in the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989) with representatives of all the parishes in the diocese. Each parish will have a rite of sending and send a pitcher bearer with water from the parish baptistry along with a flag bearer. These people, as well as a couple of other representatives of the parish will gather at the old site for the beginning of the ceremonies where our old Bishop (Bishop Emeritus), John Cummins, will preside and then ritually hand his pastoral staff over to our new Bishop, Allen Vigneron (who succeeded John Cummins in 2003). After processing to the new cathedral, the new and old foundation stones will be laid and trowled into place, water from the Jordan, from St Peter's and from Lourde's as well as from Oakland's Lake Merritt and from each parish will be used to fill the baptismal font of the cathedral baptistry. Also there will be the blessing of the stations of the cross and other sacred art, installing of the various chrisms in the ambry, etc.

On the 25th the actual dedication of the cathedral with Mass will take place. There will be about 40 Bishops attending, several Cardinals, and should be a terrific celebration. Hopefully I can get a few more pictures on that day eventhough we are supposed to be travelling light!!