29 October 2012

Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of Apostles: New CD!!!

There is a hidden part of my life which may surprise some regular readers. I do a lot of singing from about 4:00am through about 10:00pm. It is something I do alone (except for the little we do at the daily parish Masses, and the Sunday Mass of course), but it is an important part of my life. This video speaks to this piece of things for me and of the rich nature of monastic life more generally.

The video marks the release of a new CD by these Benedictine nuns from the Priory of Our Lady of Ephesus I hope you will check it out. The CD, "Advent at Ephesus" comes out around 20.November.2012. As a point of information, the Priory was originally sponsored by the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter and uses the 1962 Latin Mass. Still, it is when one looks at the Benedictine life they live that many differences with other Benedictines disappear completely.