21 April 2014

Hermits and Stereotypes: "Why I Want to Become a Hermit"

Occasionally I look under "hermits" on the internet and find interesting things. Here is one of the both sadder and funnier video's I have seen. Stereotypes of hermits abound and I have written about those before, but there is something a bit hard about hearing such things come from the lips of a young person like this --- not least because of the attitude towards others it represents. Adolescence is a difficult time, no doubt about it. There are reasons solitary (diocesan) eremitical life is generally a second half of life vocation. Unwittingly and implicitly this teen shows us some of those. Unfortunately she is as "curmudgeonly" and misanthropic as the old man with a beard she castigates in the first sentences. Hopefully this is one "hermit" who will outgrow all this!