26 August 2014

A Contemplative Moment: Contemplative Love

The call to marital love has fire in it. The fire is a shared desire to become unclothed in loving intimacy such that all one is somehow becomes the beloved, and all the beloved is somehow becomes one's very self. It is this transubjective unity, this oneness as love makes one that constitutes the sole center and final fulfillment of the call to love.

This same movement toward intimate communion forms the innermost core of our faith. In Christian life it is not enough simply to develop an intuitive sensitivity to God's presence in daily life. Nor is the awakening call to life in Christ adequately responded to by the cultivation of certain loving qualities exemplified by Christ in the gospels. Instead, Christian life is centered in the response of self-giving love in which all that one is somehow becomes God's and all that is God somehow becomes one's very self.

James Finley, The Awakening Call