29 October 2014

Go Giants!!

[[Hi Sister Laurel, I just wondered if you are a baseball fan and if so, are you rooting for the Giants! Do you pray for them?]]

Well,  this is a new question! Unfortunately, I am not much of a baseball fan, though I like the game. But like most folks in the SF Bay Area I do root for home teams during important series. Given that tonight is the last (and seventh!) game of the World Series I am indeed rooting for the Giants (and may even watch the game), but, to be embarrassingly honest, I was not even sure when the World Series began. Had it not been for a friend in orchestra (who IS a big fan) and the fact that the Safeway sales clerks were wearing Giants' shirts this past week and more, I might still be ignorant of this.  Do I pray for the Giants? Well, no, not really and certainly not that they might win games or series. No. On the other hand, GO GIANTS!!