29 August 2018

Update On Father Robert Hale, OSB Cam

Many thanks to all who have prayed for Father Robert Hale, OSB Cam. The following update was posted today by Prior Cyprian Consiglio. For those knowledgeable about Camaldolese spirituality you will recognize "The Privilege of Love" refers to a book on Camaldolese spirituality in which the title essay was Father Robert's. I ask you to continue to pray not just for Robert, but with him and the whole Camaldolese family in the God he loves so well. Laurel.

Update on Fr. Robert (Wed. 8/29):

Fr. Robert took a sharp turn for the worse Wednesday morning. He has been taken off of all life support now and transitioned into hospice/comfort care. It may be hours, it may be days, but we are certainly at the end of this phase of the journey. Fr. Andrew and I are with him. Please pray for the safe passing of our brother and father into the Privilege of Love.