18 May 2015

A Contemplative Moment: Entering the Silence

Entering the Silence

 A commitment to silence is a commitment to truth. The truth is found first in the truth of sensing. Not forgetful sensing, but being present in our sensing. When we do, our sight is clearer, our smelling keener, our touching more intimate. The experience is not one of stronger acuity of the senses but rather of a sensing pervaded with the holiness of the world. Commitment is the best place to start with Silence. It is then possible to move to the depths and the heights, but if we try to go to these regions first, we are assured only of illusion.

The most basic experience of Silence is intimacy. We feel an intimacy with the world, as if we are within everything around us rather than behind or alongside things that we are then looking at. This mantle of touch brings us to the living truth of our being. We know who we are in a completely non-self-conscious way. We feel how we, in our individuality, are part of a vast and mysterious world process. And when we cultivate Silence to the point that we are consciously within it rather than imagining that it is in us, we cannot be other than we are. The imagination of it being within us emanates from the loss of touch of Silence. . .Silence keeps us intimately bound with the truth of our being, constantly conveying to us in a bodily way that our individual and unique presence as soul, spirit, and body intermingles with the world, and at the same time, lives a free and independent existence. Illusion and ego-fantasy begin with forgetting this intimacy.

from Silence: the Mystery of Wholeness, "Entering the Silence"
by Robert Sardello