06 August 2008

Feast of the Transfiguration

Happy Feast day to Transfiguration Monastery, Windsor, NY (Camaldolese), and all others bearing the name Transfiguration!! May we each embrace the transfiguration of our own lives which God's love brings and challenges us to allow.

Icon in more detail:

Christ, Right hand raised in blessing

Moses (left), and Elijah (above) representing the Law and the Prophets which come to fulfillment in Christ.

Below Christ are the three Apostles, who, by their posture in the icon, show their response to the transfiguration of Christ. According to the commentator, James (right) has fallen over backwards with his hands over his eyes (Sorry, I admit I do not see this!). John in the center (cf below) has fallen prostrate.

The garments of the Apostles are in a state of disarray as to indicate the dramatic impact the vision has had on them.

Peter is kneeling and raises his right hand toward Christ in a gesture expressing his desire to build the three booths.

Pictures and some text are from the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Website.