18 August 2008


The following Magnificat came my way through the Camaldolese Oblate connection. It was used by Fr Michael Fish, OSB Cam during an Advent homily and was apparently written by a German monk or nun. (If I get more information, I will provide it.) I think it is lovely, and so appropriate this month where we have the Feast of the Assumption and memorials of people like Edith Stein and Maximillian Kolbe.

My soul magnifies the Lord,
my spirit delights in God my saviour,
for You have blessed me lavishly
and make me ready to respond.
You shatter my little world
and let me be poor before You.
You take from me all my plans
and give me more than I can hope for or ask.

You give me opportunities,
and the ability to become free,
and to burst through my boundaries.
You give me the strength to become daring,
to build on You alone -
for you show Yourself as the ever greater one in my life.
You have made known to me this:
It is in my being servant that it becomes possible
for Your kingdom to burst through here and now.