23 August 2008

Magnificat of Betrothal

Ann Johnson, author of several of the various magnificats I have posted recently, is a married woman with several children. The following magnificat reflects that and is particularly appropriate for those who are married. However, it can be used by those of us who are espoused or preparing for espousal to Christ as well. I am posting this particularly for a friend preparing for the Consecration of Virgins, and for several novice Sisters as well. Again, it is takenfrom Miryam of Nazareth. Enjoy.

Our souls are filled with wonder at the gift of our loving,
and our spirits take on new meaning in the giving of love,
God of the Flowing Well,
you have looked upon us with favor as we join our lives
in response to you.

Yes, from this time on all people who look upon us
will recognize us as being life companions
and will call us blessed,
for you, the One who dwells in human hearts,
have done great things for us.

Holy is your name,
and your confirming joy reaches from age to age
to those who dare to journey
on the unknown pathways of committed love.

You have shown us the life-changing power of our love
in the eyes of those who know us and
in the richness of our work.

You have humbled us by the intensity of our otherness.

The false pride that we treasured in our ability to stand alone
has been cast aside
and we understand ourselves and you more tenderly
as we begin to experience the treasure
of a lifetime of standing together.

We are no longer lonely:
We touch with compassion those who come to us filled with

You have opened the doors of eternity to us
as we searched for you,
mindful of your own longings for a people to love
. . .according to the dreams and murmerings you have shared
with those who love since the beginning of time. . .
mindful of your own longings for a people to love,
we recognize that the bondedness of human hearts and lives
reflects one true reality of you, the Living God.